Micheal O Muirthile

Ejectment III; Long Evening Shadows Forever... (2017) Sold

16.5x18.5 in ~ Painting, Oil ~ Canvas, Other


Ejectment III; Long Evening Shadows Forever Casting Shadows... This is a painting that I finished in the studio just before Christmas, having started it during my annual visit to the Black Valley near Killarney in Kerry. There has been a huge outcry recently in respect of the high numbers of homeless people, and indeed families...near 9,000 persons presently in the Republic of Ireland without a home or living in sub-standard accommodation. The Financial Institutions are also pursuing families in the Courts with 'evictions' being the end product in a lot of cases. 'Ejectment' was the common term for 'evictions' back in the 1800's...somehow, very little has changed. The Oil on Canvas Board is framed in a distressed ochre-coloured frame and will be on exhibition at the Lavit Gallery in Cork city during March 2018.


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